May 17, 2006

More info on the oystercatcher

The Norwegian University newspaper has published an article about the oystercatcher pair, but only in Norwegian. The article says it's really a love story. The oystercatcher couple have been together for years. Last year, their eggs hatched in the very beginning of June, and this year the eggs are expected to hatch at the same time. Both parents are equally involved in tending the chicks. When they hatch, you have to pay close attention, because it'll only be a matter of days before the chicks are able to wander off away from the nest.


Savy said...

That's neat. Recently, in the news there was a story about a camera on a pair of Bald Eagles, but the eggs didn't hatch at all. Hopefully this one will have better luck! :)

Keera said...

Hey, a "namesake". :-) Last year they had three eggs, too, but only one chick hatched. Hopefully, they'll do better this year.