May 29, 2006

It looks just like its egg!

I just saw the oystercatcher chick! Woohoo! In case you've missed this spring's act of voyeurism, read here, here and here.

The first egg hatched yesterday. The parents are still incubating the other two eggs, but in the meantime, the eldest chick wanders around, and is colored and patterned very much like the egg it was in, but with the parents' white belly.

I just saw the chick minutes ago, when the parent got off the nest. The chick did, too, and wandered off, but came back as the parent returned to sit on the nest. Awfully cute little thing! The chick, I mean, not the nest. And certainly doesn't look just 24 hours old. See a picture here:


Sravana said...

Awwwww... very cute little chickie! I look forward to seeing how this year's nesting comes out... Three healthy new oystercatchers would be awesome.

Keera said...

Agreed! I hope it's not a repeat of last year, when the pair laid three eggs, hatched one, and abandoned the last two, one of which was fertile. Well, we can but wait and see.

alice said...

Oooh, how exciting! Thanks for the headsup (and good luck with the strike)!