Feb 10, 2006

Nailing myself down

Some folks fill out the "questionaire" on their Blogger profil. I have some very bare essentials, including my Sun sign (because of the origins of this blog) in my profile, but Blogger does offer more to fill out: Interests, About Me, Favorite Movies, Favorite Books, and Random Question (currently "How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna" (I don't)).

I never fill these things out. If I am able to nail myself down long enough to actually figure out what my interests, favorite movies and books are, not to mention who am I and how much do I want to tell you and how paranoid am I going to feel about giving you such information, I find myself editing myself and not being entirely satisfied, and if I do settle down for an answer, it'll be out of date within a month. For example, my favorite food has for years been spaghetti with tomato sauce. Haven't had any in months and haven't missed it, and don't know when next I'll have it.

My aversion to listing my interests is that I believe I'm sending a false message about priorities - i.e. if it's important enough to make the list, I must be really, really into it. I may be, but if you tell me it'll kill me or baby animals, I'll stop doing it right away. I'm just not that invested. Never have been. And I don't necessarily do hobby stuff daily or weekly. Just when I feel like it, which may be every 13th Tuesday starting from when it rained on a Full Moon (I wish I were that predictable).

Favorite movie? I don't want to tell you. You'll think I want to watch it over and over every week. Ick, no. I'd be bored in an instant. Some movies I have liked enough to own on DVD (and because they were on sale). I don't necessarily watch them a whole lot. And the same thing goes for favorite books with one exception: I always have a copy of Richard Bach's "Illusions" in the house. I haven't re-read it in years, but my dozens of stuffed shelves are simply naked without it.

I don't feel unstable, but neither does it bother me to change my mind. I've gone from being pro-nuclear power to anti and sort of back again over the years. It depends on what information I've received. Likewise my attitude about gun control (for and against) has changed over the years. Same thing regarding the death sentence. I also vacillate between believing Jesus really existed and believing he was a fictional character, and about UFOs, who built the pyramids and Atlantis.

Since I may hear or read something 5 minutes after I've posted this that will forever change the way I say "bologna", it's just as well not to nail things like that down.


Sravana said...

Baloney. That's how I say it.

It seems to me that lists of favorites are part of the way younger people begin to differentiate themselves from others. I remember how I loved blue when I was younger... that was important.

Today, it's all knitting and poodles. I could expand it to "fiber work" and "dogs", and it would still be accurate, because my interests *are* wider than just knitting, and just poodles. But that I go with poodles (rather than dogs) is an indication of my Venus in Libra - Sravana only wants the very best! ;)

I remember a time when I thought that I really liked pepperoni. Not so much today.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

alice said...

Srav, it's always been knitting and poodles -- at least since I've known you. ;-) That said, I always view those sorts of interest inventories as snapshots -- a moment in time, and if the question were asked on a different day, the answers would change. They're just goof offs...

Keera said...

Some things don't change, however boring and ordinary they are, like my favorite color being blue. But that doesn't really say anything, anyway, since most people's favorite color is blue (followed by red - another piece of sourceless trivia stuck in my head).

Now, if I got into poodles and knitting, you guys would take notice, right? ;-)

Oh, more dog pics! From both of you!

alice said...

Yeah -- you getting into poodles or knitting would catch my attention! My dog has been a bit camera shy lately -- she's a shaggy beast and I've been postponing much-needed grooming until it warms up a little bit. ;)

Keera said...

Camera-shy dog? Methinks there be instead an owner who is shy about her dog-grooming - or lack of. ;-)