Feb 14, 2006

Changed - again

But once again, I'm not sure if the change is due to actual weight fluctuation or just months of drying jeans in the drier. At any rate, the pants aren't sitting where I want them to on my body, so today during lunch, I made a foray into a local clothing store, which offers slacks in three different lengths. I grabbed three pants, all the same size, and all marked "short", and went to try them on.

What I like about winter: I don't have to shave my legs. What I didn't like about this store: With my pants off and their changing room curtains stopping a good foot above the floor, everybody can see my furry shins. I changed pants fast!

All fit, all were bought, and I almost gasped at the price, because I hadn't looked at the price tags. I was just so happy to find pants that fit and that don't require hemming before I can wear them. And my little Buddha belly means I don't need a belt (that's both good and bad news).

After blowing the equivalent of almost one month's rent on pants, I still had some time left and blew some more money on a couple of sweaters (on sale), bringing the sum total up to a full month's rent. Tomorrow during lunch I think I'll look for shoes and/or boots; I still have some money left. Sagittarian economics: If you spend it all - no more, no less - you've done good. And anyway, payday is on Monday. ;-)

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