Dec 11, 2004

40 questions (as it turns out)

Stolen from Ultraviolet

1. Name the last four things you have bought:

Ack, my darned attention deficiency! Uhm, oh! Bejeweled 2 for my Zire 72, and, ah... Can we do last four things I actually remember? OK, new mouse with right button and scroll wheel and pretty little yellow and orange fishes on a blue background; Christmas decorations for my Mom and a friend and a big Christmas ornament showing Bryggen for me, and, er, oh, the groceries. (Hrmph. Nobody said it'd be on the test.)

2. Name four drinks you regularly drink:

Easy! Coffee, coffee, coffee and water.

3. Last time you cried?

If almost counts, last night. If actual tears, then day before yesterday, when I laughed so hard, I cried. Good ol' fashioned bawl? Last year, I think.

4. What's in your CD player?

Cat fur. CDs play well in spite of that.

5. What's under your bed?

You don't wanna go there. Trust me.

6. What time did you wake up today?

What? I was supposed to notice the time? I can tell you when I got up: 10:48 am.

7. Current hair?

See pic on homepage.

8. Current clothes?

Chocolate brown sweater with my gold dolphin pin and baggy beige pants not suitable for public appearances, but ever so comfy.

9. Current desktop picture?

*grin* A picture of Bryggen taken Wednesday.

10. Current worry?

Right this minute? Not a one.

11. Current hate?

The holiday season though it's more of a disgruntlement than a hate.

12. Favorite places to be?

In the sofa, with a good movie on the TV, and my cat in my lap, or having a great conversation with good friends. Or in the middle of a gorgeous landscape, watching a gorgeous sunset.

13. Least favorite place?

My own negative thoughts.

14. If you could play an instrument?

Whadya mean, "if"? I used to strum the gitar and blow a clarinet. Now I don't care if I can or not.

15. Favorite color?

A sort of lavender blue: #9988FF-ish

16. How tall are you?

5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm. Still.

17. Favorite expression?

Like motto or saying or just what pops out of my mouth without thinking? No motto, no saying, and that last is "cool".

18. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to:

My grandpa.

19. Favorite day?


20. Where would you like to go?

To the kitchen, to get a glass of water.

21. Where do you want to live when you get married?


22. Favorite food?


23. Color of most clothes you own:

Navy, dark brown, black, red.

24. Number of pillows you sleep with?

One plump, one flat, side by side and my head on the crack.

25. What do you wear when you go to sleep:

T-shirt, nightgown, anything that'll cover my shoulders.

26. What were you doing 12AM last night:

Buying a bus ticket.

27. How old will you be in 10 yrs:

54. Ooh, that looks weird!

28. What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years:

Who the he** knows. I can't even tell you what I'll be doing in 10 days!

29. Do you have braces?


30. Are you paranoid?!

No. ...Is that extra exclamation point there trying to get me?

31. Do you burn or tan?


32. What is the brand of your wallet?

Brand? You made me go look. What brand has a horse's head and neck, kind of like a chess piece, as a logo? Considering how old my wallet is, are they even still in business?

33. First piercing/tattoo?

Ear lobes at age 13, the fun way, with a needle. Holes closed due to an infection, so I got pierced again at age 14, with a stud gun. Nothing else and wouldn't dream of it. Too much fuss and pain.

34. First enemy?

Don't know of any. Nor am I anyone's enemy. I was bullied in school but never thought of my bullyers as enemies. I mostly thought of them as utter nuisances, idiots and wastes of skin.

35. Last person you yelled at?

My cat. She's a person to me, and I took my frustrations last night out on her big time. I am so lucky, though. She never holds a grudge.

36. Last crush?

Last night. Suddenly made eye contact with a drop-dead gorgeous guy. Have no clue who he was.

37. Last thing you ate?



38. Does it bug you that this quiz ends at number 37?


39. Why?

I was just starting to get bored.

40. How about 40?

Now I'm bored. 42'd be cool, though.


To relieve any boredom you may have experienced reading the above, here's some creativity to enjoy: It's cool!

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