Jan 31, 2004

Update on blog of January 21

Updated the princess's chart. It seemed it was hard to see what the aspects were. They weren't reflecting their true geometric place. So this new version of the chart has squishy houses and accurate relative placement of the planets. Same URL as before.

Jan 26, 2004

The body knows

It's been a crazy month. I have felt like a teenager again. I have been totally disorganized, scatter-brained, tired, and lazy. It reminds me of myself when I was in my teens.

I have had fun searching the Internet for answers. Came up with a whole bunch:

I have ADD (attention deficiency disorder).

Well, that explains why I never get any work done around the house! So I ordered a book about housekeeping for messies and signed up for an ADD mailing list. Which lead me to conclude I'm:

Hypoglycemic. Or was it hyperglycemic.

Since I'd already been sniffing around the low-carb diet thing I figured this fit. So I ordered a book called "Sugar Blues" explaining why sugar is a poison (an excerpt can be read here). And I'd been eating a lot more carbs/sugar this past month. Hrm. But one article about hypoglycemia also mentioned hypoadrenocorticism.

So I am hypoadrenocortical or something.

Yeah, that's it, because that explains the IBS, too. And here's the astrology of that. Considering that I have Mars opposition Saturn (mentioned in the linked article) and my Mars is in the natural house of Libra (the 7th), it's no wonder my adrenals finally reacted. (I'm sure there's something ayurvedic going on here, too.) Well, Amazon.co.uk has been my friend thoughout and coughed up "You are all Sanpaku" as a book bought by others who bought what I bought. So:

I'm Sanpaku!

Yes, that's it! The blurb on Amazon.co.uk reads: "The revolutionary book that first launched the Macrobiotic revolution in 1965 is now back to reintroduce the condition called Sanpaku, a grave physical and spiritual imbalance that can lead to chronic fatigue, bad humour, inability to sleep soundly and a lack of precision in thought." Well, gee, that's me! Sanpaku.

And the penny dropped. I had increased my sugar intake this past month, neglected to take my Omega 3-capsules and stopped adding nuts to my breakfast cereal. What gets me is how quickly my body responds to these changes, and how forcefully it says, "Not back to the old ways. No good." Moon (changeable) in Gemini (changeable) in house of health and mutable (changeable) signs ruling house of health (6th) and general constitution (1st).

I used to try to lean towards macrobiotics. One of the first virtually vegetarian diets I tried. And I loved the emphasis on whole grains and vegetables because those are food groups I truly enjoy. I'm not really a meat or fruit person. I would rather eat bread and carrots. So I should have listened to my body from the get-go. Personal preference is a good guide.

I've been told that if you leave kids to pick food for themselves, after a while, they'll pick healthy stuff. I think anyone can do this, but only if their own sense of appetite isn't destroyed. I'm amazed at how many people have no contact with their own stomachs. They eat according to mood or the time, not because they are hungry – and they don't/can't stop eating when they are full, because they are eating according to mood or the time. And there's this "carb addiction" thing. I think I had a dose of that this month. It really does make a difference to cut back on the sweets.

But I ain't giving up coffee. Not yet.

Jan 21, 2004

A princess is born

The next one in line for the throne in Norway was born today. A girl. Her name will be announced tomorrow. She's already historical, since Norway hasn't had a queen in 600 years, and because until 1990, no female could be heir apparent to the throne. In 1990, the constitution was changed so that the first-born would be heir apparent, regardless of gender.

Anyway, here's the kid's chart. Born in Rikshospitalet (National hospital), Oslo, Norway, at 9:13 am CET.

And since I mouthed off on Usenet, I may as well repeat what I said there about my first take on the chart:

My take: Not only will she be queen, she'll probably be a lesbian, too. ;-)

Seriously: 12th house Sun and Saturn retrograde suggest an absent father. With a Capricorn Moon conjunct Sun in 12th, this little girl may find both of her parents emotionally unavailable. She may end up a party-girl like her mother, or maybe that 1st house Venus-Uranus conjunction will have more "hard-wired" effect. She certainly will hold her own with Mars in Aries, though the Neptune rising may keep people from seeing that side initially. She also may never ascend the throne or have to fight for it somehow, since ruler of her MC is retrograde and it squares her 10th house Pluto (interesting configuration for a future monarch, yes?).

I personally wonder if her father won't abdicate and (possibly) end the monarchy. The people aren't that keen on royals anymore.

Jan 15, 2004

Grabbed and tickled

Every once in a while, I come across something that really grabs my attention or tickles me in some way. A couple of things I've come across are a picture of a hole in the clouds (as well as the word virga[1]) at NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site, which also offered this 360 degree view from the Moon in glorious 1970's black and white, followed by a similar, current view from Mars.

The clouds fascinated me. I have never seen or heard of such a phenomenon. And the Moon photograph fascinated me. I spent a good while looking at it, thinking how lovely the Moon looked, and probably subconsciously remembering the excitement of the lunar missions from my childhood. I can't say the picture of Mars grabbed me in the same way. I looked at it and thought, "Well, we finally get a good look – and it's boring." I may feel differently later, but that was my first impression.

Finally, this last tickle from the Internet Movie Database site. I was watching "The Maltese Falcon" on TV and looked it up on IMDb. What grabbed me is this statement from the goofs page: "Cairo's tie changes from polka-dotted to striped when Sam Spade hits him." What a hit!

Self-sabotaging update

I think the Universe heard me: My VCR just up and quit on me Monday night. I thought I'd be rushing around yesterday (since I had the day off work), trying to get it fixed, but no. I probably need to live without so much viewing right now.

Jan 12, 2004

New Year's Resolution?

I have a note hanging on my wall next to my desk. It reads, "Discipline is doing what is important to you." It's meant to be a reminder to me to get off my butt and not waste time. However, it's not working. I don't have the discipline necessary to follow the advice.

I could speculate on why not. Some things that discipline would help me with are routines for giving myself a nice home (basically: Take time to toss the clutter) and to write The Great American Novel Or Something Close. I sit at the computer a lot, but it's mostly surfing and e-mail and Usenet. Addicting, that. But it don't write no novel.

And I have ideas. I have something to type onto an electronic page. I have all the tools I need. But I don't do the discipline part. There's always something I've gotta do first. Yesterday, I finally found the urge to write – just as I realized that I had better go visit my grandma at the nursing home.

Funny thing, someone else in the family does similar stuff: My aforementioned grandma. Every time she starts to feel her oats again and has ideas to paint and wants to paint them, she falls or something and is chained to a bed for weeks.

There's some odd self-sabotaging going on here. I'm sure that if I just give myself the time to meditate and ask my inner self, I'll find out what subconscious bad habit or belief is stopping me.

I've just gotta finish playing at the computer first...