Aug 11, 2002

Yesterday Mars was exactly conjunct the Sun. Yes, this is astrology again. Mars rules all sorts of things: Sex, will, play, blood, accidents. Someone with Sun conjunct Mars in their birth chart may be very ambitious and even hot-headed. ("Conjunct" means together. Exact means one was sitting in the other's lap, not just side by side.) The accident part hit my grandmother. She fell yesterday and broke an arm. She said she wasn't thinking. That's both Mars and Sun: Impulsive, rash.

For those of you who know a lot more astrology, at the time of my grandmother's accident, Sun/Mars were semi-square both Ascendant and MC. Leo falls in my grandmother's solar 12th house and she is hospitalized. Also, the Moon (people, women) was applying to a square to Saturn (bones, confinement).