Aug 5, 2002

Well, it's back to work after my summer vacation. After work today, I sat out on the balcony and listened to a neighbor's child cry and cry and cry. The sound of the crying suggested that the kid was unhappy or angry, not hurt. In between, I could hear the child speak. "Ah, the Terrible Twos," I thought. When the child starts to assert its will. That corresponds with the first of what astrologers call the Mars Return.

A "return" is when a planet returns to the same place it started from in a horoscope. It's one turn of a wheel. A return starts a new cycle for that planet in your horoscope. Mars' cycle (orbit, actually) is about 22 months long. So approximately 22 months after you're born, Mars returns to the same spot in its orbit it was on the day of your birth. A Mars Return.

Since Mars is the planet of will, assertiveness and aggression, you can see why it fits with the time in a young child's life when it first realizes it may want something its parents won't let it have: So how to get around that – successfully, without losing the parents' love? Mars is: How do you assert yourself and how do you react to others doing the same?

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