Aug 13, 2002

Stuff I've learned this past week:

  • Breaking or fracturing a bone hurts also because you injure the protective sheath around the bone.
  • The aurora borealis is a year-round phenomenon, but you can't see it during the summer in the land(s) of the midnight sun because it's not dark enough.
  • Cats can't retract the claws on their rear paws.
  • Within 10 hours of travel in any direction in England, you'll fall off.
  • If you're irritated, remove the irritant or accept it. Yelling doesn't help.
  • No one's ever made booze out of reindeer milk before in Norway, but now they're going to try.
  • Good quality make-up goes on easily and comes off easily.
  • To keep mosquitos away, set up a fan and blow 'em off.
  • Four friends, four rakes and one empty, plastic soda bottle = a good game of lawn-hockey.
  • If you hit CTRL-Z in the Windows version of Internet Explorer, you go right back to your homepage and lose everything you typed in your blog...