Aug 10, 2002

I read the novel "The President's Astrologer" by Barbara Shafferman. It was a satisfying read, also astrologically, which isn't easy to pull off in fiction.

Books and stories that involve astrology usually don't do well. Unless you want to explain a lot to the reader, you can't include a lot of astrology. And if you do start doing "chart interpretation" in your story, unless you're skilled in astrology yourself, you may make mistakes that irritate any astrology-savvy readers. (And those are the ones who will read your astrology-laced story, aren't they.) You have to proceed with caution.

Shafferman shows the astrological charts of her president and vice-president in her book. I noted that the chart of the vice-president didn't match the description of the V.P. It added extra suspense to the story for me and, as it turned out, that chart did provide an essential clue. That's why it was satisfying astrology. :-)