I'm probably as baffled as you are, my dear reader, at the lack of activity on my blog. It's not that nothing's happening in my life. I got a lovely raise at work (broke through a personal glass ceiling doing so), am back to full time (no more one-Wednesday-a-month off), health is good (after a round of something flu-like before Christmas), the weather's great (depending on where you live and what day it is), I attended a co-worker's 40th anniversary party (and realized I'm only 15 years shy of such an event myself - eep!), I'm absolutely flabbergasted that 2009 has already eaten up an entire month (and it's Candlemas and Groundhog Day and daylight lasts all the way to 5 pm), I have finished three months' of physical therapy (and the shoulder is now feeling like its old self again - no pun intended), I hauled myself off to the movies to see "Quantum of Solace" and didn't realize until the next day that Bond hadn't had a Q or gadgets (and he should have or he's not James Bond!), and a casual comment from a co-worker (the one whose party I attended, as it turns out) has helped me lose weight (I simply started taking a multi-vitamin and the late-evening hunger pangs went away).

So there you have it. My life is bobbing along like a cork in a kiddy pool on a calm summer's day, and I guess I'm suffering from that phenomenon that seems to strike artists: If I'm not in pain, I can't create.

Oh, for Pete's sake (as my Grandma would say, and made me wondered about that mysterious man in her life): Some of the most well-adjusted and happiest artists I have known were quite creative. (I'm just dreaming up excuses so I can put more things in parentheses.) I do have some ideas for blog posts, things I consider worth writing about and sharing, but I am currently in no need to write.

Weird really. And yet, I felt compelled to say something now, so there is a desire to type away at something.

Come to think of it, I miss updates on my blog, too. So watch this space!

(MIA = Missing In Action.)


Sparkling Red said…
I'm glad to hear that you're doing well! I know what you mean. The urge to write comes and goes. Sometimes I have to reach to find a post. But eventually the urge always comes back.
NWO said…
Yes, please more words. Photos of dates scare me.
alice said…
Always watching!

I'm glad the year has been a good one so far. I hope it only goes up from here!
Zuzana said…
Glad you are back and in "no pain".;))
You are on my blog update, so I will never miss a post.;))
Keera Ann Fox said…
Spark, glad you understand. :-)

NWO - sorry!

Alice, if that happens, it'll be an awesome year!

Protege, I'm in love with RSS feeds for that same reason. :-)

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