Jul 12, 2014

Twilight zone

Looking north by northwest at 11:18 pm. We don't have midnight sun at 60 degrees north. We have midnight twilight. The pink blush moves from northwest to north to northeast. I love this time of year!


max said...


We get those around here around 9 pm.

[`Hope the job is going well.']

Jono said...

Been a year since I was there. Should never have left.

Elyrest said...

Midnight twilight sounds so lovely. In summer it is wonderful to walk in the cool of the night air. To get to do that and have one of my favorite times of the day at the same time? Sublime.......

Hope you have a summer that matches your photo!


Keera Ann Fox said...

My sweet, neglected readers! I had a great summer (hope you all did, too!), at home in Bergen, which was on its best behavior (that deserves its own post), and the job is working out (see what I did there?) just fine. Better than fine!

I've also renewed my creative spirit, and in a fit of impulse I installed Wordpress and started fiddling with keeraannfox.com. I'd send you all over now if there was any point to that. But not just yet. :-)

WIP, and all that.