Mar 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Waiting for the thaw

Wordless Wednesday


alice said...

As you can see from my ww, our thaw has arrived. I hope yours comes soon!!

Jon said...

It was -12F when I got up this morning. It can't last much longer.

Zuzana said...

Is that a lake, then the tree is in trouble.;)
We are also waiting for a thaw.;) It should arrive tomorrow and they promise a spring like weekend.;))

Keera Ann Fox said...

I saw, Alice. It'll be at least a month before we see daffodils here.

Jon, we're experiencing milder winds, so it feels better even though we're still hovering around the freezing point.

Zuzana, it is a pond, and the tree is on a float. The problem (now) is that the ice isn't thick enough for the city employees to go out and take down what was our Christmas tree. They have to wait for a thaw. It shouldn't be long now. We're having above-zero nights now. It's still too early for spring proper, though.