Nov 7, 2010

Actually, I'm having fun

Ah, yes, once again a long hiatus. I still owe you guys my Normandie adventure, and I haven't forgotten. The nice thing about the war is that writing about it has no time limit. (Is my excuse. :-) )

Thing is, I'm having a collision of Fun Things to Do. I want to focus more on my blog, no, my astrology, no, my yoga, no, my decluttering (which has been neglected and therefore resurfaced), no, my venture into low-carbing, no, Joomla, because what that web guy is doing looks like so much fun, and why are there so many good web sites to browse, and a re-run of a surprisingly well-written and well-done Norwegian sci-fi TV mini-series to watch, oh, yeah, and "The Event" is showing now, and that pile of interesting books to read, and all those podcasts to listen to, and meditation. I want to get back into meditation. And in between, my bi-weekly subscription to our local symphony orchestra's concerts.

Whew. It's pure abundance.

And at work, new department, younger people, fun people, people with a completely different background than mine. More meetings, more e-mails (thank goodness for GTD and "inbox to zero"). And more women around me so I renewed my wardrobe. No, I'm not going to compete with the 30-somethings. I'll tell you something, I have never felt threatened by other women. I may have sometimes felt inadequate next to the fashionable and polished because I, well, am not polished, but those moments are rare, because I generally am polished enough. But these days, with a flatter stomach and lots of great sweaters and purples in fashion, "unpolished" is working better. So I simply find it all inspiring. In general, I feel appreciated and I'm focusing hard on reciprocating. So for three months things have been busy, busy, busy, so time has broken the sound barrier and I can't believe this year is almost over, and I am actually pumped about 2011.

I've always been a fan of the natural high and I've been on one since the start of August. I keep waiting for it to end, then I tell myself not to invite trouble, and I keep doing my new affirmation: "It is my good pleasure and my good to meet and treat everyone with friendliness." which keeps me on track, on this natural high.

Maybe the food has something to do with it. Some students said on a radio program here recently that they tried low-carbing and said it was like an energy boost. Certainly I don't feel as lethargic, my digestion is far better (and I can no longer support the vegetarian agenda, which is a wee grieving process for me in the middle of all this "high" because it means letting go of a beloved paradigm), and my mood is more stable.

I think it's a combination. Nothing like being thrown into something new to make yourself feel alive, and the affirmations and food sustain it.

So, busy, yes. Having fun, YES!