Nov 6, 2009

Giving up sex

Hah! I'll bet my blog post title made you take a second look! But I woudn't give up sex. No, it's the title of the song embedded below. In connection with the release this week of a rock-and-roll encyclopedia covering the last 50 years of music in Bergen (Bergen actually headed the rock-and-roll revolution in Norway back before my time), this blast from the past got some airtime. So not only was this band ("Blind Date") Norwegian, it was from Bergen! Yay! And I love the song - still.


Beep said...

Pfft. I could write that in one of my blogs and get my usual average audience of zero. I am thinking of hiring myself out to the NSA. I could post all the secrets, making them available for easy access for those who Need To Know...and there they would be, hiding in plain sight, perfectly safe! I should have been an entrepreneur.

Protege said...

Loved this tune, it has so much 80s feel to it.;) What a fun title, hehe.;) I have never heard this song before, but I love the feeling of nostalgia; it so reminds me of some of the bands from that decade.;)
Have a great Friday.;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Beep, considering all the whacky beliefs out there, nobody would believe what you'd posted, anyway. ;-)

Protege, the song's 80's feel is because it was a hit in 1984. If you want a modern band with an 80's feel, there's the Norwegian duo Donkeyboy.

Have a great weekend, Beep and Protege!