Sep 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Installed!


Sravana said...


Is it all you expected?

Protege said...

Mac OS Leopard! Way to go, Apple rules!;))

Keera Ann Fox said...

Sravana, I wasn't really expecting anything, because it's mostly "under the hood". After having to refind the empty trash shortcut in (now it's the much more GUI compliant shift-command-delete), and after enjoying a few new desktop photos, I didn't really notice any difference - until just now:

I had to reinstall my printer. It was just a matter of choosing that option in the Print dialog, and my printer appeared and installed instantly. And that's when Snow Leopard gave me a pleasant surprise: I can now see the ink status for my printer! Sweet!

Protege, _Snow_ Leopard! :-) For the first time, Apple has released a new OS "leap" that is an _upgrade_ (and therefore cheaper, which is nice). Snow Leopard installs only on an existing Leopard installation (though I've read it will install with Tiger, too), so I need to hang on to my Leopard disc. You can get the full stand-alone SL only as a bundle with iLife and iWorks. Still, Apple rules. I like getting a new OS for only NOK 89. :-) (It's usually 10 times that.)