Sep 2, 2009

Another layer off the onion

Another day, another needle.

My acupuncturist did say I'd feel something after the third time, and she was right. I definitely felt like she'd peeled away a few layers and new ones were now coming to the surface to be taken care of.

After hunting around on the 'net, I have come to realize that I do have "frozen shoulder". It may even be hormonally related since so many women my age get it. Very well. That sort of thing acupuncture can deal with. In the meantime, I found a series of short videos with exercises to do to stretch and strengthen the joint. The problem won't go away on its own. I have to help. As I said to my acupuncturist, I'll take care of the outside, if she'll take care of the inside. She said it was a deal.

But, boy, do I miss my yoga! So I whipped out my mat and a DVD and did a relaxing routine. In fact, so relaxing, I wished I'd thought to do everything else I want to do this evening first. Oh, well. I'm a bit short on sleep this week, so I may as well go to bed early. And since my arm is still feeling the exercise I did yesterday (maybe I should stick to these, approved by my physical therapist, for the time being), and that means I'll probably take a pain reliever before bed. So I won't know whether or not the new points my acupuncturist used today (one was in the top of my head) did what I asked: Strengthen the shoulder, manage the pain and give me a good night's sleep.


Protege said...

I have never tried yoga nor acupuncture, but I sure think they both sound intriguing. I have also always wanted to get into meditation.;))
Sorry about your pain, hope the above will help.;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Y'know, I've known about the advantages of acupuncture for decades, but only just now have tried it. I like!

I can't remember how I got into yoga, but it reminds me of the stretching I did in dance class, and that may have been the in-road. The routine I did last night removed a lot of tension and I slept the night through! Lovely!

alice said...

I really like the second link -- will definitely work those in to my routine (I need to add a bit of variety)!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Simple, but effective, and without too much annoying an annoyed joint.