Aug 25, 2009

Pin cushion

The tips of the acupuncture needles have colored caps. As I looked down my body, I saw cheerful light blue and pink sticking out of my leg and foot. One needle went into my hand and when the acupuncturist pulled it out, I was surprised to see it had been more than a centimeter (half an inch) deep in my flesh. No blood. As I look at that hand now, I can hardly tell it was poked.

As I said to my acupuncturist, who turned out to be a girl I had sat next to for nearly three hours at the astrology meeting last Thursday (I'm such a ditz sometimes), I have managed to spend a lifetime immersed in New Age stuff but only now have I tried acupuncture. I'll have to ask her on Friday (my next appointment) what my pulses and tongue told her today, but based on what I told her, she focused primarily on my digestion. She told me that the meridians for the intestines cross the shoulder and since I do have digestive trouble, she decided to work on that. So she started with a needle in my foot, on my leg, and then one in each hand.

The process of the needles going in was unfamiliar to me; I hadn't even read about it. She poked for a tender spot (and I may or may not have felt the spot as tender), asked me inhale deep√ły and the needle went in. Then she did something (I didn't actually look, since I was a tad squeamish, but on Friday I'll look) to adjust the needle and asked me to let her know when I felt something like an electrical shock (like the sensation of hitting your funny bone, but milder). I didn't always feel the jolt but it didn't really matter. When she removed the needles after 20 minutes and then stuck six in my neck and shoulders, I felt no jolts. (I told her the patient died. She laughed.)

As the needles worked, I could feel a little tingling in the body part or even a stinging sensation where the needle was. One needle on my shoulder felt like it was heating the point up. My acupuncturist told me that where I felt something were points that were working harder than the points I felt nothing from.

I have no idea what to expect and it may very well be that I won't notice anything until after I've had several treatments. So I've got appointments for Friday and next Tuesday. Generally, I thought the whole experience was fun!

Aug 24, 2009

Some synchronicities

I was telling some friends that I can't give up my blog. It provides an outlet for those times when I want to put my thoughts to writing and maybe even have someone else read them. Why would I consider giving up my blog? Well, this year has not been a year of much writing. It's been an introverted year, a year of repeats, of same old same old, of just going through the motions. Like a good rest.

And then I woke up. This is what I wrote to some friends on July 31:

Well, I was musing on what the heck to do with my time when a thought quietly shrugged through my brain: Astrology.

Then the local meteorologists managed to bungle yet another weather prediction and I thought, "Astrology can do better!", and tried - in vain - to get Astrolog running on my Mac.

Then Time Cycles offered a half-price upgrade on all my expensive (but now useless because Intels don't run the Classic environment) astrology software. So I upgraded.

Then I looked up the old astro-weather gang, my former teacher remembered me and welcomed me warmly back into the fold, so now I'm on a mailing list and discussing weather in the Northe Sea. I also bought her 2 CDs on astro-meteorology because I am rusty.

(My credit card debt is going to be a main focus in the months ahead. :-) )

My stoopid neck has been bothering me (massage and stretching helps, though). My stoopid shoulders bother me (for two different reasons). My impinged shoulder seems to be doing better with less mouse use so the laptop was a good buy in that respect. But as I sat yesterday (had the day off work), using Numbers to work on some weather charts (a task Numbers - part of Apple iWork - was perfect for), I discovered after hours of sitting in the easy chair with the laptop in my lap that - my shoulders and neck weren't protesting.

Well, huh. Not to mention: Duh.

So, I feel so happy "being back" I just have to tell people!

Truly. It was odd how going back to the one hobby that had always felt so rewarding, and that even pulled people into my life. Speaking of which: While I was musing on this stuff, friends on Facebook told me about an astrology club forming in Bergen. We had our first meeting last Thursday during the new moon. We were in a stuffy, warm room because the weather outside was clammy and cloudy and threatening rain and thunder - and it made no difference to the 20-ish people present. I enjoyed myself and it all felt right. The vibes were good, man!

Speaking of which: A co-worker was talking about how acupuncture took care of a stiff shoulder and muscle knots and what have you. I have some knots that could turn into inflammation if I'm not careful so I listened to every word my co-worker uttered. Acupuncture sounded like the solution, because physical therapy was helping but taking too long. Another co-worker had also tried acupuncture and he gave me his acupuncturist's name. And on Facebook, one of the astrologers I had connected with posted the address to a new acupuncturist in town. I called my co-worker's recommendation first - on vacation until October 5! I smiled at the synchronicity: I had another acupuncturist to try. My appointment with her is tomorrow. Yes, I'll let you know what happens.

Well, with that and a couple of other things, I want to take Wednesday off from work - and cancel my physical therapy appointment Wednesday morning. I was wondering how much to tell my PT, a nice, young Norwegian woman, and affirmed a few times that God speaks through me as me now. Since my arm had gotten worse again - it had gotten irritated, really - she agreed to leave it alone and just give me a neck massage. She had me lie on my back, put my head in a sling (nice!) and went to work on my neck. One of the best massages, ever! I told her about the acupuncture and why I wanted it. She was totally on board with that idea and even gave me lots of good advice. Including not coming for physical therapy on Wednesday.

I was happy I chose to be completely forthcoming with my PT. Now I respect and appreciate her even more. And I'm happy for all the synchronicities floating my way. I must be living right. :-)

Aug 17, 2009

Movie tag

I was tagged on Facebook. Since I prefer blogs to notes in Facebook (where a complete stranger who isn't my friend (hmm) can't read me), the movie tag is posted here. Rules are: Don't think, just write down 15 movies that left a lasting impression on you. If you want, tag 15 people.

In no particular order:

  1. Saturday Night Fever. It bored me to high heaven. I still think it's crap.
  2. JAWS. Especially because of the T-shirt. Pulling that thing off over your head was SCARY.
  3. Young Frankenstein. First time I laughed out loud in a movie theater.
  4. Tron. I just liked it and the effects. Still do.
  5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Marvelous special effects, wonderful dead-panning from Ford, and a plot and pace that still takes my breath away. The snakes sent my friend under the movie theater seats. Kewl! (I was more bugged by the spiders at the very beginning.)
  6. Quigley Down Under. I have no idea why this movie seems to have missed everyone's radar. A western featuring aborigines instead of Indians with three actors brilliant in their roles: Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo, and Alan Rickman. With a great theme song.
  7. Blazing Saddles. Best western/racist/Irish/Burbank comedy ever.
  8. Purgatory. Something weird, something divine, about that place. Dang good shoot-out, too.
  9. Men In Black. Best documentary about New Yorkers, ever. ;-)
  10. The Fox and the Hound. I saw this Disney movie in Susanville, California, sitting in the balcony of a tiny movie house with "step-cousins" (long story), bawling my eyes out. The cousins thought it was cool that a grown-up would get so worked up over such a movie. Haven't dared see it again.
  11. The Fly. Jeff Goldblum version. I still think Jeff Goldblum is sexy and I would marry him for his sense of humor alone.
  12. True Stories. I was the only one laughing out loud at this absurd comedy about life in American suburbia. Great sound track, too.
  13. The God's Must Be Crazy. All about modern white man versus primitive (hah!) Kalahari people. And a Coke bottle.
  14. Help! I woke up from a nightmare and wandered out into the living room. The grown-ups were watching the Beatles on TV. The theme song from Help! followed me on my move to Norway.
  15. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who wouldn't that leave a lasting impression on?

Aug 4, 2009

Powered by nature

The Norwegian national tourist board has as its slogan "Norway. Powered by nature." It's an apt slogan. Most of what makes Norway rich is due to natural resources, including fish and petroleum. Most of what makes Norway worth seeing is not what the humans have done, but where they have done it. It seems to me that no area is too remote to live in, no mountain too rugged to climb and no body of water too wide to row. So yes, Norway is powered by nature. But Norway is also powered quite literally by it: Almost 100 % of our electric power comes from water.

This promotional video shows scenes from all over Norway, and from several seasons. Enjoy!