May 5, 2009

Before the lawnmower comes

I knew I had to rush out and take pictures of certain flowers before the first lawn mowing of the year. I mean, how awesome is this?

"This" is what the Norwegians call "engkarse". I have never heard its English name, but Wikipedia has. And contrary to what Wikipedia says, in Norway, children pick them and bring them indoors. OK, time for the close-up!

During my lovely Sunday walk, I took a bunch of other photos, too. Those I have tested as wallpaper (as in "Oh, hey, I can still find my folders among the leaves!") are published at for your downloading pleasure, including the close-up above. (My one winter photo there finally has some company.)

Have a continued wonderful spring!


Protege said...

Wow, I have never seen this in Denmark. The flowers might be growing here, but not in such numbers.
Stunning pictures.;)
Happy spring as well an enjoy the season of "Lyse nætter".;)

Anonymous said...

ENGELSK: Cuckoo flower, Lady's smock, Meadow Cress, Bittercress, Bog Pink, Milkmaids.

Beautiful photos, Happy Spring!!!

Gal Friday said...

That IS very awesome! I have never seen any flower like that. Here, at this time of year, the lawns are covered in spots with little white violets, and I hate to think of them being mowed down, too.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Protege, this particular field was stuffed. They generally grow a bit more spread out.

Thanks, Anon, for the English terms!

Gal Friday, those little white violets sound so pretty! Pic?

alice said...

Beautiful! I love it when there's lots and lots of something! :-D

Keera Ann Fox said...

Alice, so do I. It's becoming a rare treat, since meadows are disappearing.