Sep 25, 2008

When it's good to be a Norwegian

One of my regular diets is Fail Blog and recently it gave me a really good laugh:

Now, if that guy were Norwegian, he could be a proud man, because the Norwegian alphabet runs from A to Å (not Z):


Jon said...

Thanks to you I just spent my entire lunch hour laughing at Fail Blog.

Sparkling Red said...

Cute! I guess his best bet would have been to say it would run between Q and P, but the impact just isn't the same.

And in answer to your question, my birthday is on September 20. :-)

alice said...


Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm glad none of you thought it was a stretch. ;-)

max said...

(stumbles in from economic chaos)

Um. Whoa. Uh. Actually, mine, er, would run from A to that other, um, A thingy.

['I guess that's good.']