Sep 16, 2008

Me? Boss lady?

Ah, departmental getaways with good company, laughter, music, alcohol, dancing with my boss. So I popped the question: What will it take for me to get a managerial position?

We were having a little heart-to-heart which led to our talking about who to fill our boss's shoes when he retires in a couple of years. I said that I thought E or S could, but then I asked myself why suggest those two? Why not suggest myself?

I can't believe I actually asked that (or even thought it), but my boss was positive. The thought had occurred to him, too. He told me to keep up what I'd been doing this past half year or so (behavior-wise).

I brought it up because I am wondering where to go next. I'm busy working on an intention list, as suggested by "Harmonic Wealth". My intention is to be manager by age 50. That gives me about two years.

So a seed has been planted. Let's see if it sprouts.


Beep said...

Cool! Good luck to you :)

Sparkling Red said...

That's an excellent plan! I can see it now... :-)

alice said...

Oh, I can totally see that! Natch! :-D

Geir said...

Thanks for the link. A bit what we in Norwegian would call "glatt" (Smooth), but interesting still. After all, having something to strive for should be a good thing.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, everyone! I immediately went on vacation, so I haven't seen my boss since that question. :-) I'll see him tomorrow.