Jul 17, 2008

Now I'll do all those

…things I meant to do before my vacation started. Like dishes, and laundry, and decluttering, and rearranging of furniture, and more decluttering, and my nails, and my yoga, and…

You know how it is when you are about to shift gears? Like noticing it's only a half hour until lunch so that big project you want to start on gets put off until after lunch so you can have a bigger slice of continuous time for it. Or starting that diet you needed in September after New Year's because you know you'll be eating a lot in December, anyway. Or you're about to go on vacation which will be partially spent at home, so all tasks get postponed until vacation time.

So I have all these things to catch up on, to do, to finish, to start, to make a habit of, to rekindle a former habit with, to… Oh, you get the picture. Wait, that reminds me: Finish sorting photo album and rehang paintings.

But I'm vegging till Monday. For sure.


max said...

But I'm vegging till Monday. For sure.

I'm trying to avoid vegging til Monday!

['But please, feel free!']

Keera Ann Fox said...

Between the two of us, there will be balance in the universe. ;-)