Jul 13, 2008

Mobile Me

It's been a somewhat nerdy Sunday. After successfully solving all the sudoku puzzles in a couple of newspapers, I then tackled the computer. Apple has upgraded and changed its online service "dot Mac" to "Mobile Me". So I spent a little while this afternoon upgrading to a cloud.

When that was done, Apple offered me yet another store to shop in. *swoon* So now I'm looking for the next great to-do list app. On my aging Zire 72 (now used only for more sudoku games) I had HandyShopper, the neatest little app and best reason ever for sticking with the Palm OS. It isn't just a to-do list; it's multiple databases. And it is free. One can only hope that it will reincarnate on the iPhone/iPod Touch. But until then, I'll be surfing the new store for alternatives. Whee!

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