May 18, 2008

A bit of refurbishing

Yesterday, my blog looked like this:

I moved my blog to Blogspot because I wanted a couple of things posting with FTP to my homepage site couldn't give me (simply): A collapsable archive list and a label list. Mainly I do this for me (as the commercial goes). To me, a long list is just visual clutter, and I can never remember my own labels or what I wrote when, so… Now to scurry over to the old address and redirect folks. Done. (Looks like you may have to update any RSS-feeds you have. I did. :-)

One nice thing about moving back to Blogspot is that publishing is blazingly fast.

What's left is figuring out how to add external widgets and badges with this new template. Yes, I want my stinkin' badges. I'll figure it out. For now, at least one can go here (the other one's complaining about an open tag):

Blog Directory - Blogged

Here was to be a Blog365 widget. View my page on Blog 365


Miz UV said...

Cool. I've always been happy with Blogger.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks! And congratulations! You're first commenter to comment on the blogspot version of my blog. :-)

max said...

(Looks like you may have to update any RSS-feeds you have. I did. :-) )

Heh. You would do this on a week that my reader has barely been running. Will fix. ;>

['I like the shorter URL tho.']

Keera Ann Fox said...

I was very happy that nobody had run off with kafox yet. :-)