Apr 11, 2008

Romance on the roof

The addition to our office building of one extra floor has given those of us on this new level an excellent view of the sex life (and nest-building and child-rearing abilities) of the gulls that like to breed on our roof.

This couple is madly in love and expressed it this afternoon by sitting very, very still very, very closely, matching each other in both looks and moves. They reminded me of human teenagers in love.

PS: I downloaded a trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and have had fun fixing a few pictures tonight, including a quick-and-dirty blurring of the background in the gull picture. Just to see if I really want Elements at NOK 999 instead of Photoshop CS3 at over NOK 8000. ;-)


Nicole said...

They are cute :D

I am not gonna tell you what I paid for PS CS2....
sometimes it has its advantages to be out in a "wonderful" country like this one :P


Sparkling Red said...

The gulls look content. I like gulls, even though they're noisy and poop a lot. I like their charismatic spirit, and dignified posture.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Nicole, Norway's expensive, and I may have been able to save a lot if I mail-ordered from the US, but it was fun going to an actual store, for a change. :-)

Spark, I love watching them play on the wind. They deliberately let themselves become like kites, adjusting the wings slightly to keep floating on a full gale without effort. :-) (I think I now understand why Richard Bach chose seagulls in "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".)