Apr 17, 2008

Hey, that's MY picture!

Look what I found on I Can Has Cheezburger just now: My "black cat crossing path" photo, now wiff kapshun.

So I sent them this e-mail:


This is my photograph. I did let a student use it for a collage, 
and I guess somebody found it and LOLCatted it (is LOLCat a 
verb? It is now). I'm OK with that, but I would be tickled if you 
credited me as the photographer. Thanks!

Keera Ann Fox, Norway

Stay tuned! Whoo, got a reply already!

Thx so much for letting us know!

We have updated the picture with your name as the photographer.  
Sorry about the missing credit and great picture!



So now the credit reads: Keera Ann F. That's a new one for me. :-)


Miz UV said...

Good for them! That's a great pic.

Rebecca said...

Very cool!

Sravana said...

Very good! I bet you feel like I did, the day that Ms. B made Cute Overload (Oct 29, 2006, I believe).


I like the caption, too...

Nicole said...

Cool :D
Congrats :D!
Maybe you should add it to your post?
The link goes to the main page - dunno which one's yours :S

Victoria said...

Congrats - you famous! :-)

alice said...

Hey! That's pretty cool!

Sparkling Red said...

I saw that last night, before reading this post, and thought "That's a neat photo." Funny that it turns out to be yours. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, all! This is definitely in the Tickle department!

Nicole, the second link ("wiff kapshun") goes straight to the photo in question.

Hanne Sofie said...

Etter å ha kikka litt på den siden hvor det artige bildet ditt ligger, så konkluderer jeg med at det ikke bare er det norske språket som er i forfall... Måtte virkelig _tenke_ for å skjønne hva de prøvde å si der! :-/

Keera Ann Fox said...

Nei, ikke i forfall. Poenget er at det skal liksom være kattene som snakker, og katter kan jo ikke skrive og snakke som mennesker. Det er blitt et eget språk og internettfarsott av det hele.