Dec 29, 2007

Me and the monarchs

I'm watching a show about Mexico on Discovery Channel and they describe how the migratory monarch butterfly seems to sit in lifeless clumps for three months, until the February sun penetrates the trees and strikes the butterflies.

Because of buildings in front of my 2nd story apartment, I don't get any sunshine in my apartment from about mid-November to the very end of January. And the day I see (should I be so lucky weather-wise) a ray of sun briefly lighting up my wallpaper is a true solar return for me. And I stop being a lifeless clump just like the butterflies do.


Sravana said...

I don't think I could deal with having no indoor sunshine for 3 months! In fact, I'm going to make my lunch, and go sit in my bedroom, where the sun is beaming in currently.

Keera Ann Fox said...

It has its advantage: I can't see how dirty my windows are. ;-)

But the dark half of the year is why the Norwegians are sun worshippers come summer. They never stay in the shade.