Dec 29, 2007

I blame the media

I tripped over a Norwegian trivia and puzzle site (finally, I may win money with my sudoku addiction), and discovered that I know more about pop stars than I do Sweden. Twice I got the question "Who is Sweden's prime minister?" and twice I gave the wrong answer. So why don't I know his (or is it her?) name? I know which Mel is a member of Spice Girls, I'm pretty clear on Harry Potter games, and I know which private detective Tom Selleck played. So why don't I know who the current Swedish prime minister is?

I blame the media. No, really. A steady diet of online Norwegian newspapers over the years has left me, against my will, with more knowledge about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears than whoever runs Sweden. When Norwegian newspapers write about Sweden, it's usually about Norwegians shopping there, Swedish prices being a tad lower than Norwegian and Norwegians always loving the illusion of getting something cheap (even if the price of gas getting there eats any profits). Sweden's right next door to Norway and yet I know more about who's in charge (in a manner of speaking) in Pakistan.

So I know Norwegians drink more than ever, the newest charter island destination is Corsica, and Brad Pitt would rather help rebuild New Orleans than make a movie, while Sweden has been thrown into complete anarchy, with no one running the country.

I sure hope somebody's kept Wikipedia up to date, because the only way I'm going to find out who it is.

Huh. I've never heard of or seen the guy, and he's been in office a whole year! He needs a girlfriend who is a model. I'm sure that's why French president Sarkozy's recent holiday trip made so many headlines.


Miz UV said...

Oh sure, I knew that.

He's cute!

Keera Ann Fox said...

He is. I couldn't possibly have missed that Sweden got a cute PM, could I? That would go against nature!

max said...

liberal conservative Moderate Party

I love European party names.

['Ducks & Drakes party.']

Keera Ann Fox said...

You should try some of the Norwegian party names: "Right", "Left", "Center", "Red". Those look even odder in translation than, say, Christian People's Party.

max said...

Red! Green! Stop! Go!

['The Stop 'n Go party sounds about right, actually.']

Keera Ann Fox said...

We're not that coordinated. But instead of filling up the comments here with an explanation (which gets off-point relative to the post commented to), go here:

(And thanks for the inspiration!)