Dec 8, 2007


I am so looking forward to the solstice this year! I can't wait for these gloomy days to get more daylight. We've have more overcast weather than not this year, and as of yesterday, 2868 millimeters of precipitation so far in 2007. Sure, it's in itsy-bitsy metric, but it's still a large number even when you convert it.

2868 mm is 112.91 inches. It's 9.4 feet. It's almost 3 meters and over 3 yards. You can touch it with a ten-foot pole - barely. And still it makes 2007 only the 5th wettest year on record so far.

They are promising us drier weather this coming week. I am also hoping for clear, blue skies.


alice said...

We'll take it! Send it this way -- but be very careful not to miss, because the Pacific Northwest doesn't need any more!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Now that's a superpower to have: Relocating rain to where it's needed. And heat and sunshine to where it's needed.