May 19, 2007

Sadly and such

My last post was written during a sickleave from work. Since then, Norway's Constitution Day (May 17) has come and gone, without me participating in any way this year, and I had one day at work, a quiet day, since many co-workers had taken the day off to extend their weekend.

Today I braved the cold wind and enjoyed a cruise with Bergen's pride, the barque "Statsraad Lehmkuhl", chartered by my trade union. It was an enjoyable 5 hours in the middle of a Saturday, in spite of rain and strong wind. The ship itself glided smoothly through the choppy waters, and below deck, we stayed warm and entertained since there was wine and beer and a jazz band.

My brain is actually preoccupied with my health and an odd word usage of late: Sadly. I find things make me sad. I'm not sure why, but the word "sadly" pops up easily in my speaking and writing. Could be a phase. Or it could be something else. I'm not in the habit of getting sick barely a half year after the last time I had a similar illness so something's up, and since my mom has hypothyroidism, which affects the immune defense system, I'm definitely thinking something may be happening with me, too. So I've spent a lot of time surfing the 'net looking for information, which is why I'm now eating coconut oil. At some point, I'll make a doctor's appointment, too.


Mark said...

Awesome ship. Did you get to go out under sail or did they just use the engine because of the weather?

I went to the website and I am most intrigued to learn more about "The Friendship Ass".


Hope you chipper up soon.

Paula said...

I've been preoccupied with health too. Maybe we're at "that age." I have many of those low-thyroid symptoms, but tested in the normal range. I don't mind eating coconut though! Hope you feel better, Keera.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Mark, for the short excursions, they always motor. For weekend trips, they take on a full crew and fewer passengers and then they use the sails. But yes, she's a beauty.

Sometimes a Norwegian can know English well, and still not well enough. I once stopped a former boss from ordering business cards in English stating he was an Ass Manager.

Paula, I was a bit shocked to be reading some stuff about hypothyroidism that has made me realize the changes in my body may not all be peri. So I have to investigate further. And yes, it's our age. Darn it.

Michele said...

Hi Keera. I found your blog through Emily's "On Top of the World" and am enjoying your writing and musings very much. I'm a 44-year-old American woman living in southern Norway (one year on May 17!), and am childfree by choice. I am very happy to "meet" you.

I am sorry you have been feeling sad lately. This happens to me too often for my own comfort but I don't know if it's age, loneliness, or homesickness. Probably a combination of the three.

I hope you feel more like yourself soon and do not find that you have a serious health issue. Take care!

Mark said...

Now it reads "Ass'n" Fancy that. I wonder how that happened??