May 22, 2007

In a lighter vein

Sheesh. My last post brought even me down. It's not that my life doesn't have its ups and downs, but I tend to want to have something constructive to say about it or do about it, so focusing on the word "sadly" just - sucks. Even in a blogpost. So while I do have some potential health issue to explore, I'm not down! I'm not doing "sadly" any more. Here's actually what's been happening:

Just in the flow, man, in the flow. Or in the zone. You know, when you are completely present and everything just flows right along with you. For example, the ceiling lamp in my living room: It is of such a design that it looks best with one of those large, round bulbs, not a regular incandescent bulb. So I finally found myself in the store in town that sells such bulbs, stocking up on the special size coffee filters I need, and on impulse bought a bulb. At home, I thought I'd re-use the regular bulb currently in the lamp, but when I grabbed it to unscrew it, the bulb detached itself from its metal bottom. Whoops. Well, a pair of pliers easily undid the screw part, so in with the new large bulb, and everything's fine. But you just gotta marvel at the coincidence, yes? The timing? Oh, sure you do. Listen, that's the point! That's what Jung was on about: Synchronicity.

And what else happens? A woman I know via Usenet happens to drop a comment about her thyroid medicine, and I suddenly realize here's someone I can pump for information as it relates to the Norwegian healthcare system. And she is willing to give advice and has already given me a very good list of things to ask my doctor to check for me. How 'bout that!

Ain't nothing sadly going on here!

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Paula said...

Cool. There is great advice to be found from fellow bloggers, that's for sure. My dr. visits have been going well, so I'm more upbeat this week too.