Nov 28, 2006

WW2 oil poster

WW2 oil poster

Last night I went to the local marine museum. Exhibits range from the viking era to today's highly computerized ships. One exhibit is dedicated to the World War 2 experiences of the Norwegian merchant marine, who were torpedoed by German submarines as early as September of 1939.

My grandpa sailed on oil tankers in convoys across the Atlantic for 6 years. That's how he came to meet my grandma. She was invited to a party at the Norwegian seaman's church in Brooklyn (New York) and he had shore-leave and attended the party.

A small poster hangs in the museum exhibit, telling of the importance of the convoys across the Atlantic. For me, it is also a reminder of romance.


Mark said...

Hey babe,



That's really sweet, actually!

Tim said...

We almost visited there during our last visit to Bergen, but didn't have any time left. It's a must for next time.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Mark, I didn't know it was as much as 40%. No wonder my grandparents met!

Tim, I keep meaning to visit the museum of natural history. I walked by it the other night in the dark, and through all the second floor main wing windows, I saw the suspended whale skeleton bathed in a blue light. Quite a sight!

(Wonky writing discovered; post edited.)