Nov 2, 2006

Orchid surprise

Orchid gift at work 2006-11-01   —  Originally uploaded by thinkbigshrinktofit

I had yesterday off, but just before leaving work Tuesday, I was given a print job that needed to be delivered out of town by Friday. I decided it wasn't worth delegating, so I made up new masters, printed and cut the job myself and was out of here by 5:30 pm Tuesday (vs. leaving at 4 pm).

I must've really impressed my customer because the above orchid plant was waiting for me this morning, on my desk.

Now I'm impressed. And very happy.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I lurve orchids.

Keera said...

I do too, today. I'm still all warm 'n' fuzzy from that surprise.

Tim said...

I'm not a flower person, but it must have been lovely to receive such a nice surprize. ;)

Keera said...

It was. I was just doing my job, but apparantly it really mattered that I took care of it the way I did. My customers are in-house customers, i.e. co-workers from other departments, but their customers are the external, paying ones that are our bread and butter. The external one the job ultimately was for is one of our largest.

It's Friday, I hope everything's in place - and that I remember to water the plant for the weekend.

Ann-Kristin har ikkje monsterbein said...

Eg ville og ha gitt deg ein plomst ^___^

Keera said...

Slutta å være anonym? ;-) Takk for plomsttanken!