Nov 26, 2006

New blog

I have started a new blog today, Budding Yogini. Purpose: A blog dedicated to purely spiritual stuff. Not that my spiritual life is separate from the rest of my life, but I thought I'd gather spiritual and motivational statements that grab my attention in one place.

I didn't look at any astrological chart before I started. My mood was "Let's do this" after thinking about it for months. Interestingly, the chart for my first post does have several contacts to my natal chart including MC conjuncting my Jupiter, Venus conjuncting my Sun, and Mars conjuncting my Mercury.


Sravana said...

How exciting!
Now, if I can just get SpiritSpeaks up and running again, we can have spiritual blog wars!

or not... :::grin:::

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks! I was thinking to myself, I done went and did what Sravana did. :-)