Nov 28, 2006

Ego too big for the universe?

My friend Sravana blogged about a talk given by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you like good old-fashioned enthusiasm, you'll enjoy Tyson.

What's making me post about it here, is Tyson's explanation for why we often feel so small, so insignificant.

About 10.5 minutes into the film, Tyson mentions a letter from a psychologist whose job was to explore "the effects of things that make people feel small". In the letter, the psychologist stated that a show showing a zoom-out from earth had illicit just that feeling in him. Tyson thought this sounded wrong because when he looks up at the universe, he feels large. Then it occurred to him that the letter-writer's problem was that his ego was too large to begin with.

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