Nov 13, 2006

Don't you step on my blue suede shoes

Well, they aren't blue suede. They're actually a midnight Gore-Tex(R). But I'm just so happy to find footwear that slipped onto my feet and didn't pinch, pull, grab, or stab me. They just sat on my feet and let me move around without thinking. So I bought three pairs: One lamb's wool-lined pair of leather boots (not pictured), one pair of bootlets and one pair of slip-on shoes (excellent for going through airport security).

Yoga involves the whole body and lately, with the power yoga class I've been taking, my feet have been getting a lot of extra attention: They are bare, their position is important in getting the poses right, they cramp and protest at being moved into possible but unfamiliar positions, and my yoga instructor will grab them in order to adjust a pose. So suddenly my feet have taken on an importance they haven't had before. I look at the shoe-caused crookedness of my toes and feel a bit sorry for what I've put my feet through in the name of Western, female fashion.

My new purchases have roomy, square toes though they wouldn't accommodate a naturally shaped foot, one never squeezed into footwear. There is some consolation that this is not a new phenomenon; older anatomy drawings show misshapen feet (a little toe bent in towards the other toes and sometimes the big toe, too, making the foot look tapered) because people simply don't know what a normal adult foot should look like. Shoes have been worn for centuries, and shoe fashions have been crazy a good number of times.

Maybe I'll take a picture of my yoga instructor's feet. She can splay the toes like fingers, and she has little tattoos on some of the toes. Pretty feet. Feet as God intended.

But I do like my new footwear.


Mark said...

Hey, I never had yoga and I can splay my toes too!


Paula said...

I like those shoes! I've always preferred square-toed or rounded over pointy.

Tim said...

Boy, I could use some new shoes with goretex. I've been searching for a fairly inexpensive pair (yeah, right, in Norway?!) of boots that aren't rainboots, yet will keep my feet dry in this rain-paradise. ;)

I've actually been seriously considering yoga lately. I saw a show on one of my science channels last night about stress, and how type A personalities - me - are prone to high amounts of stress, and stress over long periods of time can and will kill. Many type A's have really begun searching the meditation world, however, and have nearly all but eliminated stress from their life.

Now I never paid attention much to meditation, partially because I stereotyped some that used it. I did so because of some of the new age religions that were tied to it, such as trancendentalism, and that was just a bit wacky for me. But I realized I was being an idiot, and thought, whoever said religion had to be included?

So, I'm searching for a good meditation regiment that fits me, and also to help me quit the evil nicotine habit.

Dobbelburkakompanjong said...

Wooooot! Elvis er kongen! <3<3 Hehe. Kule sko! De var fine ^^ Men ingenting slår monsterbeina ;) (e den blitt gammel no kanskje?) Eg går med Army-Boots for tiden eg... det dreper meg, men det e skamkult!

Keera said...

Monsterbeina er fortsatt høyst aktuelle. Sjekk profilen min!

Hemskt mycket hej från sverige said...

I all væla. De skoa var veldig veldig veldig deg, Keera. De var det.

Keera said...

Jeg slenger på Mille! som takk for kompliment!