Sep 7, 2006

New Nokia N73

Nokia N73 - 1
Originally uploaded by thinkbigshrinktofit.

Not only does my new cell phone purchase make a nice alliteration in the title of this post, but I made friends with it easily, meaning no reading the manual first. I immediately started playing around with it and in general like it. After reading a number of reviews, I chose this model because Nokia doesn't require proprietory earplugs, has both 3G and EDGE, a decent camera, and is known to synchronize with Macs. The key pad buttons are very small and seem more suited for use with long nails or a stylus rather than thumbs, but so far I've avoided huge errors. I like the joystick thingy.

My new toy is still charging. Hopefully I'll get a chance to test it this weekend, including its camera. Maybe I'll even surf the web with it. Flickr also has a picture of the back, which is a pretty wine color.


Anonymous said...

Grattis med ny mobil! :D Ikkje glem å lagre nummeret mitt :P Hehe
Du har monsterbeeeein XD
Klem fra ein liten luring

Mark said...

You're having a monster be-in? Where?

Keera said...

At my place, of course.

Mark said...

I'll be right over!

Keera said...

I saw you! You were hiding under my bed!