Sep 26, 2006

Hunting for something to read

The stomach wants something so you search cupboards or hang on the open refridgerator door willing something good to appear. When my mind gets "hungry", I rifle through my bookcases and piles of magazines - or click on all the "just updated" links on Blogger or on all the homepage links in somebody's comment section.

And just as there isn't that One Delicious Thing in the cupboard when you need it, sometimes the vast world of blogging is also just as void of the necessary fodder. It is rather fascinating to sit there, figurative blog door open, peering into the contents of someone else's life and mind, wondering if it's tasty. Tasty enough to keep reading, tasty enough to come back for more.

Unfortunately, it mimics real life too well: Naw, nope, requires cooking, past its best-before date, good but not what I want. Oh, wait, what's that? Well, I read that whole post and liked it so I went ahead and read another and liked that, too. Mmm... The whole wedge of cheese - all gone. At least I'm no longer hungry.


alice said...

So, where did you end up being sated?

Keera said...

Here and there. The regular diet keeps changing. But some have stayed with me long enough over the past months to now deserve a spot in my links. So time to update the sidebar.

alice said...

I'll keep an eye out!