Aug 4, 2006

What was easier when I was younger?

Over on, a question has been asked about what was easier when you were young. Go to the link and see other people's replies. I don't have any, myself, because all I can think of is: Nothing.

Nothing was easier when I was younger. Except being arrogant and a real know-it-all. Now I'm sometimes humble and a real know-some-of-it-all. Oh, sure, it was easier to wear size 4 jeans and bend into an almost-pretzel, but does that matter? I mean, I can still reach my toes without bending my knees and fit into an airplane seat without touching the passenger next to me.

So what's easier now that I'm older?

Accepting myself.
Loving and styling my hair (once chemically fought with tooth and nail).
Knowing what is likely a really dumb thing to say and not say it.
Being right and not saying a word about it. (Heh.)
Saying yes.
Buying music I love, especially the stuff I couldn't afford when I was a teenager (here's to re-releases of everything 70's on CDs).
Avoiding those really dark moments.
Really not caring what others think.
Paying myself compliments. And appreciating the compliments others pay.
Ooh, almost forgot this one: Knowing when it's not your job and you can safely say so to the @$$h0L3 who expected you to do it anyway.


Sravana said...

chemically fighting with your hair? what in heaven's name were you trying to do with it?
I mean, you have really nice hair!


Or was it like the time in the late 80s where I thought I needed a perm??

Keera said...

Or was it like the time in the late 80s where I thought I needed a perm??

That was one reason. I have greasy hair, baby fine hair, straight hair, hair that no hairspray on the planet will hold in place for longer than 10 minutes. But it's strong hair, shiny hair, healthy hair, and now that I've discovered the trick is not styling products and/or chemicals, but a good cut, it is even carefree hair.

Anonymous said...

DU SA RÆVHOL DU!!! XD Kordan går det med yndlings-Keera'en min? :D

Keera said...

Næhei. Rævhol var det du som sa. Jeg sa noe annet. ;-) Vi må chattes en dag. :-)