Aug 7, 2006

The Tale of Sterke Dame

In a beautiful village in Norway there was a really nice lake where the townspeople, young and old alike, loved to go to on warm summer days.

Now it happened (as it usually does) that there where hooligans about town who liked to cause mayhem and do damage for no apparent reason. At this lake there were docks and floating rafts for all to enjoy. Well, these hooligans saw fit to disconnect the most used and beloved dock and set it adrift in the lake. The townspeople, young and old alike, were dismayed (to say the least) and greatly missed their dock. They swam in a lackluster manner; they sunned themselves less than wholeheartedly.

As it happened, during this time there came to town Sterke Dame. Now, you couldn't see Sterke Dame was an unusually strong woman just by looking at her. In fact, she was the mother of two and what is called middle-aged. But when she arrived at the lake and saw the sad state of affairs, the down-turned mouths and the dock floating at the far end of the lake, she knew she must take action!

She dove in and swam a long way to the dock. It had settled in some mud and weeds. With a tremendous tug, Sterke Dame freed the dock, and with one arm holding fast to the dock, she swam with the other arm and pulled the dock back to its rightful place.

Oh, how the townspeople, young and old alike, rejoiced! Once again they could dive off their beloved dock and sun themselves while eating potato chips in a proper manner.

Sterke Dame was glad she could make so many people happy. She went back to her modest way of being until in the future the need should once again arise for her "Sterkness"!


Original story by my strong friend Ann. Photo taken by her brother Tor, instead of diving in to help his sister. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Flott historie! :D

Keera said...

Jeg kan ikke ta æren. Ann skrev den selv.