Aug 1, 2006

I'm dreaming about cats again

Many years ago (almost 20), I got into a phase where my dreams featured cats. One or two doing something, behaving a certain way. The first dream featured two red-and-white cats, and I mean real red, an unnatural color for cats. I had this dream during the weekend and it was so odd, I remembered it. The following Monday, at work, I found out that two co-workers had lost loved ones over the weekend.

I had other dreams featuring a cat, usually a black-and-white cat, and would then find out that someone had died. Often the death or the person dying echoed the cat's behavior (quiet, boisterous, etc.). I got nervous about dreaming someone close to me would die. When I got a cat of my own, though, I stopped having these dreams.

Well, they're back. I had two dreams featuring black-and-white cats. In one dream, I let two cats in from the outdoors. One acknowledged me, the other more reserved. In another dream, I was cleaning out my suitcase and closed the lid a bit, and a cat inside got spooked and dashed out.

Today at work, I found out that one of our retired employees, who was active in our senior's club and often came to our department for help with photocopying and the like, had died suddenly about three weeks ago. A co-worker, whom I knew only by sight also died just weeks ago after a brief but hard illness. I'm wondering who number three is.


max said...

I don't get those kind of symbolic dreams. I get straight-ahead death.


Keera said...

Not necessarily a bummer. At least you know if you're dreaming about cats or about death.

Anonymous said...

I have been Googeling dreaming of cats and found your blog..
I too dream of cats and then something bad happens.. Exsept when i dream i dream that my own cat is dead and every time it is not just dead but decapatated.. and within a few days the longest has been a week someone close to me gets into a car accadent...
i really want to know more about this.. as im shure you do as well...
this has been happaning to me for about 6 years

Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, I happened to learn of cats as a symbol for death in dreams because I happened to browse through a book on dream symbolism at a friend's house. It stated that the colors white and red were associated with death, as were cats, which got my attention.

Then followed a period of cats appearing in my dreams, normal-colored. What they did in the dream told me how the death would affect the survivor/loved one, not necessarily the manner of death.

Do your cat dreams warn you only of death by car accident?

Anonymous said...

I have had 3 different dreams, all about cats over the last 3 nights and one a few weeks ago. All are quite detailed yet all different. None of the cats are agressive but in one of the dreams, something was taking kittens and killing them. I am a cat lover and have 2 of my own. What does this mean. I am quite disturbed

Keera Ann Fox said...

In my experience, each person has their own dream symbolism and most people can work out what their dreams mean by asking what it reminds them of in their waking life. Cats may or may not represent death for you. Some dream interpretation books suggest that traveling in a dream is a bad thing, but I have enjoyed every single travel dream I have ever had, nor have I had any trouble traveling in waking life.

The loss of something innocent and dear (the kittens) in your dream can be reflecting a similar loss in your waking life. The loss doesn't have to be literal (actual kittens) nor anything disastrous. It could simply be worry about such a loss.

Unfortunately, you'll only know if your dreams are psychic dreams after the fact. That's just how it is. You can tell yourself before you go to sleep that you will only have dreams that empower you rather than worry you.