Aug 23, 2006


I've been accused of censorship here on my blog. Lately, I've deleted a couple of comments because they referenced - unkindly - a public figure. I don't do politics here, and I certainly don't do political jokes. Here are my reasons:

  • This is not a political blog.
  • I want to leave something useful and constructive behind; plenty of other sites offer all the political jokes and putdowns anyone could ever want (and I read them myself, but passing them on is not my mission in life; neither, sadly, is microwaving popcorn successfully).
  • I change my mind a lot. I may think it's fun to laugh at A today, but in a year from now, I may be A's staunchest supporter. Hell, I even like Jimmy Carter now (you have no idea how crazy he drove me when he was president; the man couldn't move his lips when he talked). And I vacillate on gun control and God and sweet-n-sour sauce, all the time.
  • It does me good to keep it nice; crap is ubiquitous. I prefer not to have my comments section resemble Usenet.

When I leave comments on other people's blogs, I try to respect the tone of the blog. Like Usenet, you may have to lurk a while, to get a feel for the writer and the tone of the blog. Read others comments to see what they got away with.

I know that many other bloggers do not delete any comments. I have, because the comments completely went against the tone of my blog, and also because I don't want any search engines to find my blog via something I didn't say.


Mark said...

I don't think it's censorship to delete comments on your blog anymore than anyone, as someone has insinuated at another blog, MUST continue a debate that is at a stall or it means the other poarty has won and your arguments are null and void.

Peeps take all this shit too seriously. Censorship is only a concern when it is stae-sponsored.

I don't HAVE to listen to anyone else in my home, on my phone, or on my blog if I choose not to.

Having said that, and having been your most vocal supporter about the comment that DID reference a political leader unkindely, in my defense MY comment that was deleted was an intentionally unfinished thought about that same leader at a post that had nothing to do with politics in an attempt to be funny and satirical. That was the point of it, so, while I'm confused about why MY comment was deleted, I wholehheartedly support your right to do so and apologize forthwith for my lack of good grace here at Astroblog.


Keera said...

You're forgiven. I'm glad you're a good sport about this. And thanks for your support.

I didn't get your joke. Or rather: I did, and I'm tired of those kinds of jokes. I'm not trying to protect sensitive Republican souls or cater to insensitive Democratic ones. I have my reasons, and you've done went and inspired me to write yet another post.

I don't know whether to hit you or kiss you.

Mark said...

Well, I know which opne I'd choose!


And to think someone else went and called me a bully this morning......

Paula said...

People call Mark a bully after they've trolled him with some passive-aggressive BS and he responds more forcefully than they expected. Poor babies!

I believe I've deleted only one comment in three years--some anon. slimy thing that referenced my daughters. It annoys me when bloggers censor comments because they're too "mean" or have "bad words," but leave in comments that are saying the SAME thing in a different way. I have no patience for people who think it's okay to call someone a "stupid idiot," but disallow "fuckwit." However, if you're announcing beforehand that you have a no-politics policy, then it's fair if you delete them all.

Um, I wonder if you'll delete this?! ;)

Keera said...

You probably didn't offer the right choice to "hit or kiss". ;-) Thanks for the smooch!

Keera said...

Paula, why? Because you said fuckwit? Or because your comment contains the phrases "call Mark a bully" and "it's okay to call someone a "stupid idiot"?"

Since I don't see Jimmy Carter mentioned, I'm leaving it in.

Paula said...


max said...

blink Boy, I have been out of it.

['Delete away, it's your blog.']

Keera said...

Told ya you were missing out! ;-)