Aug 11, 2006

Being organized means marshmallowing resources

The title of this post comes from misreading the title of this article in the Boston Globe about being organized.

I'm a time management junkie. I love reading about time management, about organizing, filing, making lists, crossing off tasks, fiddling with the item-specific icons in the datebook on my PDA, downloading umpteen time/task/file management programs out of curiosity more than dire need. Do I manage time? Hell, no. Am I organized? Well, at work I am, but not at home. Do I procrastinate?

So I read blogs like and such. No, I don't practice GTD, I just like reading about it. I also peruse organizing sites like FlyLady for the same reason. (Though FlyLady is currently getting me off my butt. Again.) Weird? Naw. Other people like to read recipe books but never cook. Still others read about foreign countries and never leave home. Et cetera.

Speaking about travelling, here's an online utility for generating a universal packing list.

And yeah, I procrastinate (you were so waiting for that answer, weren't you). Big time. So I'm thinking that if all it took was some marshmallows, I'd get stuff done.

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