Dec 9, 2005

The miracle of ostriches, sort of

One of these days, I'll figure this whole miracle thing out. I mean, it must be possible to be instantaneously cured, to have people just walk into your life and fix stuff for you, to create blue feathers out of thin air (that last is for those of you who have read "Illusions").

In the meantime, I'm still doing the material version: I have a problem, I pray for a quick and speedy solution, and the solution appears as an item with built-in time factor. My slow miracle works, yes, but it reminds me that I still have a way to go in getting a grip on this whole spirit-in-a-material-world thing.

So, I woke up at 4:30 am this past Tuesday, told myself (and God) that both the cause of and the cure for the rash in my armpits (!) would quickly and easily present itself to me. So what do I end up doing Tuesday afternoon? Visiting an ostrich farm, eating ostrich meat, and being told the virtues of ostrich oil on all sorts of skin problems, especially eczema-type stuff.

I now own a bottle of ostrich oil, and I no longer itch. Ostriches rule!


Anonymous said...

what part of the ostrich does the oil come from?? and where the heck is an Ostrich farm near you? isnt it to cold for the poor birds? remeber the emus behind us?

Keera said...

Ostrich fat lies in a separate layer around the muscle tissue so its easy to get at. Then it's purified and turned into oil. All the ostriches were inside a big barn.