Nov 28, 2005

When dreams want to make a point

I rarely have lucid dreams, i.e. the kind you know you are dreaming, because you remember you had them when you wake up. I don't have those on any regular basis. But I did yesterday morning, and this morning, quite powerfully.

Yesterday morning I had two different dreams: In the first, I was changing departments at work. I was asked to come work for a different department, and only at the end did I ask myself why I was leaving a good department and work I enjoyed? But the tone of the dream was energized and happy. Same for the second dream, only more so: I was visiting my mother, in her apartment, an airy apartment with a large living room and two small bedrooms, and big glass doors on both sides (i.e. both a front yard and a back one). She had been painting, in bold, clear colors, and we were inspired to use them as patterns for new curtains. As we worked together, my mother suggested I move in with her. My last thought before waking up was, "Then we need a bigger place."

Two dreams, back to back (or so it seemed), both about changing places, about moving on to something or somewhere else. (BTW, I wonder if that apartment exists, because it would be perfect for my mom; she'd get a separate room for her art.)

This morning's dream was more typical of my dreams: It didn't make sense but was fun, anyway. My grandma was out on my balcony and she was holding a huge net and inside were dozens of Golden Retriever puppies (!). We were all happy, both humans and dogs. I tried taking pictures with my iPod (who knew it could do that?) but the viewfinder kept pointing the wrong way. Just as I was trying to see if that meant I could take a self-portrait, I woke up.

There are many ways to interpret these things. The symbolism of dreams do not always follow what you read in dream interpretation books. My way of figuring these things out, is to simply ask myself how these dreams made me feel during and upon waking up, and that usually tells me what they were about.

I felt happy in and about these dreams. I enjoyed the company I was in, and I was laughing a lot. I feel like they are telling me the pain is over and in my future is joy, and happy changes.

I'm also highly amused that my subconscious apparantly thinks that Golden Retriever puppies are the perfect symbol for fun and joy. I think that my subsconscious has a point.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm happy for you. You are poised for an adventure!


Keera said...

Sure feels that way!