Nov 21, 2005

Losing my virginity

No, not that one. Rather, my eBay-virginity.

There are so many places on the web for an innocent to lose any number of virginities. This past weekend, I finally made a foray into the world of internet auctions, rekindling my PayPal account and registering with eBay (as keeraann2005). I managed to lean on the chord of the power adapter to my tangerine (clamshell) iBook and caused a short. I needed a new power adapter.

Those aren't easily obtained in Norway, so I decided to give eBay a whirl, while I erased the hard drive on my iBook (using the fully charged battery) - just in case.

After all the rigamarole of signing up and signing in, I found what I was looking for (cutely called a "yo-yo"), and lay in what I thought was a reasonable top bid and then let eBay do the rest. I was eagerly refreshing my My eBay-page; it's a bit of a kick to bid at auctions. In real life, I tend to get carried away. :-) Since I had never done this before, I didn't think to check my e-mail, but eBay mails you if you're outbid and mails you if you win the bidding. So I didn't catch right away that I'd been outbid.

I had thought about how much I wanted to pay, or if I should just scuttle my iBook and sell it for parts or something if all else failed. I considered the situation, the importance of the item, and upped my max limit. I considered the price still within reason. eBay promptly e-mailed me to tell me I was at the top again.

Then eBay e-mailed me to tell me I was outbid. Now I decided to check who'd been bidding against me, only to discover it was one person just bidding and bidding, probably to hike the price up. I fell for the it the first time (my first dollar-limit) but didn't fall for it the second time. Let the sucker pay himself. He's probably the seller, anyway.

Anyway, it's possible to just outright buy stuff on eBay, so I found another "yo-yo" power supply, and have now sent money to a complete stranger. As of this writing, the only confirmation I've received is from PayPal.

When you lose your virginity, you have no idea before you start if the experience is going to be great, OK, or deeply regretted. But it will be an experience. And most likely a memory for life.

I doubt eBay will replace sex as far as great memories, though. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Woot! What fun! I don't do eBay often, but every once in a while I find a deal there. It IS a rush...


Keera said...

Yeah, I have to control myself. Purchase went all right; got a nice e-mail from the seller. As to the buyer who outbid me, maybe s/he needed the "yo-yo" more than I did. All's well that ends well. :-)