Nov 24, 2005


Nothing like giving your brain something to go "Wow!" about.

  • I came across pykrete. I would love to see something the size of a skyscraper made out of that stuff.
  • I have learned what a snood is. Jokes are a fun way to learn (it's also how I came across pykrete).
  • My upstairs neighbor's first name. Like many Norwegians, he has two.
  • I have been reminded that those around us, reflect us ("birds of a feather flock together"). I am surrounded by some really cool and integral people. Which means that in some way, I fit in. It's Thanksgiving in the US, so I'm giving thanks for my life being filled with such great people.
  • Finally - and this one is worth the 11 pages of reading - colored soap bubbles.



Anonymous said...

Snood is also an incredibly addictive puzzle game that's live on my computer for a number of years now...


Keera said...

I knew of that Snood, but what I didn't know was that "snood" is a real word, and has meanings, and not just for turkeys. :-)

Sravana said...

a snood is also a kind of tubular wrap, much wider at one end (goes around shoulders), and the narrower end comes up around your head (like a hood).

FWIW, I loved the other links, too. That bubble article was wonderful! I can't wait to see the real things.