Mar 6, 2003

Since I last checked in:

  • The trees have begun to bud (pics next week).
  • The weather is decidedly milder.
  • The New Age Fair starts tomorrow. Have to set up our stands tonight.
  • I've been offered to give astrology readings for pay at a local café (did I mention that already?).
  • I've had my bangs trimmed.
  • My grandma is doing better.
  • I fiddled with CSS and made an astrology page for my "professional self" in Norwegian. Astrologi- (og messe-) interesserte kan kikke her:
  • I will get around til CSS-ing the rest of my pages and especially my blog page. :-)
  • Have the week off work next week. Nice!
  • My health is good.
  • My friends are even better.
  • I've panicked, fretted, regretted, loved, enjoyed, been tickled by my decision to do the astrology.
  • Most importantly: The Universe has been backing me all the way. I have asked for help and opportunities and have gotten everything I asked for and more. I feel blessed.