Nov 26, 2002

I used to live here. Well, not in the Apple Store at the Glendale Galleria, exactly, but in Glendale. What's changed since I left is that highway 11 (the Pasadena freeway) is now interstate 110 and the Galleria is much larger. It was big when it was built, too. "A mile long," we all said then. Open, airy, two levels, brick on the outside. OK for a mall.

Me, I'm not into malls per se. I like bookstores and novelty stores. I remember standing in the Galleria outside one shop that sold neon signs and novelty gifts. You could get a big red neon heart, or a see-sawing "fish tank" filled with colored oil so you have your own wave. I'm just like a magpie. If it's colorful or sparkles, I want it! Perhaps it's a good thing I was a broke student most of the time, huh. :-)

Colorado Boulevard, on Galleria's south side, borders on the Los Angeles river and the part where they painted the drain covers to look like cats, inspired by the shape of the covers' hinges.

Farther east from the Galleria, on Broadway, is Glendale high school which is where I went for two years after coming back from Norway. The view on the picture on the site is looking across the quad at the administration offices and library. John Wayne is said to have gone to Glendale high school though not in the buildings that exist today.