Nov 24, 2002

I had a friend over. He asked about my astrodice. I brought them out and we gave them a try. There are three 12-sided dice, one with planets, one with signs and one with houses. Toss them and get an answer based on the planet, sign and house that shows up. My friend had no particular question but tossed anyway and up came 9th house, Neptune and Cancer. I didn't have a particular question, either, but said that the dice could show the current frame of mind or situation, if nothing else. I got 9th house, Neptune and Virgo. How about that! We couldn't quite figure what that meant but were amused that we both got Neptune and 9th house.

My friend and I settled in for a night of movie-watching. First we watched a video, "The Straight Story", a story about a guy who travels clear across Iowa on a lawn-mower to visit his estranged brother. Then we watched on TV "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", wherein the usual gang get hi-jacked to find Eden and go to a part of the Universe no one had gone to before. When that movie was over it hit me: Neptune rules movies, the 9th house is about long journeys and religious matters. The first movie was about a man trying to make amends with his brother, while not straying from his culture or roots (Cancer = family, roots, home). The second movie was about finding Shangri-La, Eden, Paradise, etc. A place of perfection, which is Virgo's area.

Now, how did the dice know that? ;-)